Have you ever experienced the pain?

The real pain…

That appears in your heart…

It’s either given by your loved ones

Or volunteered by yourself

What so ever the reason may be

But the pain remains the same for whole humanity

When someone you love

You care, you dream of

Having for your life time

Hurts you in some way

Tearing your heart and soul apart

Making you feel lonely in a crowd

Bringing you unstoppable tears over their memories

Showing you the hell while you are still alive

And moreover made you a body without soul…

Walking through the empty streets

And wetted roads after a heavy rainfall

Never minding over the changes

Happening inside and outside of your body

Thoroughly engulfed by their thoughts

And sweet memories you had

With an unconditional love…

Weak even to wipe out

The rolling tears

Which fell from your eyes

Rolls over your cheeks

And ends in your dry lips

With a salty taste lingering

In lips, heart and mind…


That’s pain…

That’s the realm of pain…

That’s the effect of pain…


About Maya

A stranger who passes you by with mixed of emotions and eagerness to strive something valuable in my existence.

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